Luna, a huge present

Good afternoon,
I was your patient eight years ago, it has been a long time.
I am writing you beacuse I would like you to know that you are always present in my thoughts.
Without you, our dream would have not come true. Our daughter Luna is a fantastic girl, with whom it is a pleasure to live our day to day and share our life. I want to tell you that you gave us something immense, the best present we could have received in our entire lives. We are very proud of Luna, it is impossible to express it in words.
It was a pleasure to share this trip with you and we will always be grateful. Just as it is a pleasure to have Luna by our side; her presence floods our hearts with happiness every day.
We continue to recommend Institut Marquès to all those who, like us, need help to fulfill their dream of becoming parents.
Thank you for that dedication to your work that characterises you. Maybe that’s why you do it so well!
Warm regards from the whole family.

Rita y Pablo
(Barcelona, octubre de 2019)