Mother of three children thanks to an only donor

I had one treatment with IVF donor eggs back in 2004, the reason being was that I got the menopause when I was 25 and told I could never have children.

I went on a waiting list here in Ireland for 3 years with the only place using donor eggs and after that amount of time was very downhearted and therefore contacted Institute Marques by chance and within a week had an appointment. They were absolutely fantastic and got the ball rolling almost immediately.

After the procedure we got 7 embryos of great quality of which first time using 2 embryos got pregnant and had a baby girl in February 2005 and froze the rest. Then in 2006 we went again using 2 frozen embryos and again got pregnant and had another baby girl in April 2007. We had 2 frozen embryos left and finally decided to use these in November 2010 and I have just had a baby boy this August 2011.

I have to be the luckiest person alive in that I have 3 children from the one IVF Cycle. I found the Institute very professional and would recommend them to anyone and have done in the past.

I think we were the first Irish couple to use this Institute and there are many more Irish people using them now.

I am forever grateful and will never forget them. I hope this story helps in a positive way to show people that anything is possible.

(Dublin, 2011 august)