Mum on my own

I was 40 years old when my beautiful daughter was born. She was conceived with your help and I will be grateful to you forever. I had a wish to have family and children ever since I could remember. For a long time I was hoping to meet someone I could build my dream with. Years were passing by and he never appeared. I went to schools, the university, specialist training, past lots of exams… Time was ticking unstoppably… The thought of being alone all my life was horrible, but the thought of being childless was even worse, unthinkable. At the age of 39 I made the decision to have a child on my own. I started with IUI in Copenhagen, Denmark. I had three unsuccesful attempts when the diagnosis of Premature Ovarian Failure was made. My options were: 1) to continue with IUI and hope that my 1-5 % chances of being pregnant will be realised 2) to adopt, but as a single, my chances were slim 3) to go for both egg and sperm donation, which is not permitted in Denmark or many other countries if you are single 4) to accept that I will never be a mother which I really could not Then I found IM via google and contacted them by sending email. That was mid November 2010. The day after they contacted me back. We booked an appointment for the following week. January 11th 2011 I got two first class embryos at Instituto Marques. Two weeks later my pregnancy test was positive. That was one of the happiest days in my entire life. Through all my contacts with IM, assistants and doctors, everybody was so supportive and kind. The whole process was just so smooth and effortless. My daughter was born in October 2011. She is almost 2 years now. My dream came true and I am so grateful to all people who helped.

(Copenhaguen, September 2013)