My last hope

I want to explain my experience to encourage many women who are suffering and don’t know where to go. I know what it means to wish to have a child with all your soul, try it again and again with so many hopes and expectations and, finally, falling into depths of pain. Institut Marquès was my last hope. With an egg donation cycle and transferring only one blastocyst I got that so much desired pregnancy that is changing my life! My little girl is growing inside of me and that’s the best gift I could receive! In the forum, I’ve explained my experience at the Institut Marquès and I recommend it to all those women who don’t know what to do or where to go… I recommend it and highly encourage them wholeheartedly, given the great miracle that they made with me! Some of my friends are in contact with you hoping that you will be able to make their dream come true after so much suffering… because pregnancy is a right for all women! I sincerely wish that you continue improving your results so that all women that visit you may be mothers. I thank you again, especially for such a desired and special pregnancy! I’ll continue to recommend with all my heart the Institut Marquès as the best centre… because you really are! A special greeting to the great Dr. Moffa and warm greetings to all.

(Turin, April 2014)