Our angel finally sleeps in our arms

I write my testimonial to give courage and hope to those who, like us, have endured for long years the pain caused by the lack of offspring. Loads of tests, visits, waiting days and unfulfilled hopes, full of unanswered questions. The only way for us was Egg donation. And so started our research on the net to look for a structure that did the job. We contacted dozens of them and, among these, one immediately answered with a modest “thank you for contacting us.” Even this simple message can give the courage to move forward to those who for years have been looking for an answer to their pain. In no time, Institut Marquès, through several staff members, was able to take care of us both from the medical and the human point of view. And so we restarted undergoing exams while trusting their advice. Our work does not allow us to travel, but we could do all the tests in Milan, although I could also have done the controls with my own gynecologist, and the complete follow-up was simplified by email. And then it came the moment when, according to our work availability and, therefore, when it better suited us, we went to Barcelona. I do not remember this experience as a painful moment, as it had happened many times before, but as a pleasant experience thanks to those who welcomed us at the clinic. After ten days, the long-awaited response arrived and, then, nine months of relishing the idea of finally having our angel sleeping in our arms. Thanks to all of you and, especially, to Dr. Andrade, Daniel, Agnese, and to all those who have helped us become the happiest of parents.

Michela and Carlo
Lucca, March 2017