Post transfer feelings

While I was peacefully reading at home a couple of minutes ago, I felt a little bit choked up and decided to learn where this feeling came from… It couldn’t be the book as it’s not the type that gets you feeling sensitive; it wasn’t the space around me, luckily everything was very calm… After much thinking, I came to the conclusion I may be missing my IVF cycle… What? Am I referring to the terrible, unfriendly treatment that any woman in her right mind would fear? Yes, it’s exactly what I’m referring to. I’m surprised, but I accept it: it wasn’t a “terrible procedure” for me. It was demanding, it was even tough, but very kind on the other hand. Kind because I’ve felt protected and special, in a favorable environment where everyone smiles. I will miss the warmth of Masia’s waiting room, its coffees and its snacks. I will miss all the nurses who quickly gave me my injections when I was in a hurry for my scan. I will miss the fact that, despite the not-so-many times I have visited Masia, everyone there knew my name. But most of all, I will miss Dr. Marisa López-Teijóns hugs, her experience, and her deep voice, always so reassuring.

I imagine it isn’t easy to work daily with women whose hormones are so temporarily crazy and whose reproductive chances are in an emergency state. Even though unforeseen factors or misunderstandings might happen, we both thank you for your professionalism and care. I wouldn’t mind having to go back to you, even though I’d rather not, for obvious reasons…

A big hug… here’s to keeping your pregnancy rates as high as until now, and to me being part of them!

(Barcelona, October 2012)