Thank you for your affection

First of all and no matter what happens, my husband and I are very grateful for all the care you have given us from the first minute after entering through the door of the Masía. All the affection, support, professionalism, sympathy… I do not have enough attributes to describe the love we have received so far.

In a few days we will get our results and, even if it does not work this first time, we are not going to give up, we will continue to trust the whole team, as I am sure we will get there.

Congratulations Institut Marquès for being the pioneering centre, not only in Assisted Reproduction, but also in the care and love for your patients.

A big hug for all the staff and thank you, Dr. López-Teijón, for your time. I just wanted to show you my appreciation.

Sophie and Charles,
London, August 2017