The day in which we came back home with another family member

Good afternoon Dr. Andrade,

We would like to thank you for the time you have dedicated to us. You have been a key part of this adventure, accompanying us and, above all, giving us the strength to keep on hoping. I cannot stop thinking about how you explained to us the implantation process: “when the embryo and the endometrium meet each other in an embrace.” Thank you for these wonderful words.

Dear Dr. López-Teijón, I would like to inform you that the metaphor that Dr. Andrade used has had a wonderful impact on us. We have been imagining this affectionate embrace, and we were thrilled with these wonderful words. I believe that this can be a great help to all the people who are facing this path, often a real struggle, to make true their dream of becoming parents. I still remember your smile, when you confidently told us that our family was already in the laboratory. I will always remember this day as the one we came back home with a new family member.

In the event that things will not go as planned, I will remember with great affection THE EXTRAORDINARY PROFESSIONALISM of your clinic. Today is a unique day, I feel happy and scared at the same time. I choose happiness (even if there is a little voice in my head that recommends me to be prudent), but I feel a mature and conscious joy.

Marta and Sergio
Hospitalet, October 2016