The Greatest Blessing

One year ago today, we came with hope in our hearts to Institut Marquès for our final attempt at Embryo Adoption.

On this most special anniversary, our thoughts go to our two donors and the most precious gift they have given us.

Because of their generosity we have been blessed with the most beautiful twin boys. They have utterly changed our lives and bring joy and magic to every single day.

Our journey to find our family has taught us a lot about courage, open heartedness, faith and following our hearts, which we will be honoured to teach our sons. And also about the sort of kindness and generosity shown by the very special people who created the embryos that we adopted. We will never know you or be able to show our gratitude in person, but we send our wishes to you to receive the greatest blessings, love and happiness in your lives, as you have done for us

We also thank all the brilliant people at Institut Marquès, especially Dr Walker.

Your clinic and Barcelona will always be in our hearts.

Believe in miracles.

Jane & Darcy,
Stratford-upon-Avon, may 2017