Thoughts and emotions

Dear Dr. Carolina:

Answering to an email doesn’t take too long, but in this case, we wanted to answer to your very special email sharing our thoughts and emotions with all Institut Marquès personnel.

We’re overwhelmed with joy every time we watch the video, and we want to thank you all for this incredible feeling.

But the fact that left us speechless is the music selected for our embryo, which with a mix of worries and joy, keeps on growing (I’m seven months now and everything is going well); the music selected is one of my husband’s favourite songs and it has been part of many chapters of our life together!

Is that pure coincidence? We don’t know, but we wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We’ll keep you updated on our son (Yes! He’s a boy!)

Happy parents.

(Sienna, October 2015)