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Watching the beginning of your life was a great gift

 Two years ago today your life began.

As the wise soul that you are, my little one, you chose a very powerful date: the 1st of November 2019, a date when the earthly veil between the two worlds is thinner than ever. A magical day where it is possible to connect with our ancestors, to keep them in mind and be grateful for their time on earth. To honour their memory and feel that a part of each of them is with us.

Watching you and your other potential siblings from the beginning was a great gift.

Despite all the adversity, being able to watch our little embryos grow made many obstacles seem smaller and more bearable…

It was our third IVF attempt. This time the fertilised eggs were from a donor whom Dr. Carles Catllà looked after and advised at all times.

Thanks to all the team at Institut Marquès for making it possible.

(Barcelona, November 2021)