We knew you would arrive…

We would like to address a few lines to all those people who, like us, cannot get pregnant naturally.

You are a father / mother from the very first moment you feel the desire to have a child. There’s no doubt about that.

In our room we had a letter garland that said “We have loved you so long…” We waited many years to complete the sentence, but the day came when we could do it and we hung another one in our son’s room saying: “…we knew you would arrive”.

I take this opportunity to encourage those who are in a moment of weakness and thinking about giving up. We had our son thanks to the fact that Institut Marquès appeared on our way, after 13 years of struggle and many treatments. Quite a race! Many times we thought (and, what’s worst, we knew) that everything was over; we fell and, without knowing how, we stood up again. Our little one arrived. The rest lives already in the past. Fight, fight, fight. Forever. Sending you all lots of strength.

Samuel and Cristina
(Gerona, December 2018)