You have given meaning to our lives

Hello Daniel:
Please accept our most sincere apologies for not informing you immediately of the birth of our second child. I have no time for anything! I would need 28 hour days…
The pregnancy was uneventful. Our son Alexei was born on the 10th of April by a scheduled C-section with 3,750 kg, 53 cm and a result of 9 in the Apgar test. He is a very handsome and intelligent child.

Daniel, we do not have enough words to thank you and also Dr Veronique Moens, Elina, Anja Naumann, Anna (translator) and the entire Institut Marquès team.
Thanks to all of you we have two beautiful children, Sergei and Alexei, who have made us know what true happiness looks like and have given meaning to our lives.
In Russia we did more than 10 IVF cycles with negative results. At Institut Marquès we did only two and there were both successful.
We will always be thankful for that. Your country, your city, your clinic, are connected to the best and warmest memories of our lives.
We will be happy to participate in the Embryo Forest project and to have two trees planted in honor of our children.
When they are a bit older, we will visit your wonderful country and also the Forest of Embryos.
Warm regards,
Evgeni, Irina, Sergei and Alexei
(Ulyanovsk, may 2019)