First Guide for Professionals on Reproductive Advice in Cancer Patients

Institut Marquès has participated in the First Guide for Professionals on Reproductive Advice in cancer patients that have received radiotherapy. Published in the journal ecancer last May together with the European Institute of Oncology (IEO), this work provides a basis for scientific reproductive societies to establish treatment criteria for women who have overcome cancer and who wish to become mothers.

Becoming a mother after cancer is safe

Thanks to the work of medical professionals from different disciplines it is now possible to be a mother after cancer. Institut Marquès has a Unit Specialised in Reproductive Advice for oncologic patients that has very good results: seven out of ten have become mothers in less than two years without increasing the risk of cancer being reproduced. Dr Àlex García-Faura, Scientific Director of Institut Marquès and Director of the Unit specialised in Reproductive Advice, says that “many of these women will be able to have a child if they have already successfully completed chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery, but it is essential that their case be studied by a multidisciplinary team like ours. Only in this way can we claim that being a mother after cancer is safe”.

The Unit’s data back up the good results achieved: 89% of the patients evaluated were considered fit to start a reproductive process. Furthermore, 82% of them have achieved a pregnancy through different treatments. “The experience of Institut Marquès shows that, if the previous evaluation approves it, the risks are simply those of pregnancy”, says Dr García- Faura.

Institut Marques collaborates with Baby Beatles, an association created to help women who have suffered from cancer become mothers. Baby Beatles guides those women who have overcome the disease.