lideres de opinion

A selected group of specialists meet at Institut Marquès to discuss the future of assisted reproduction.

The “Meeting of opinion leaders in infertility 2022” is part of the events that Institut Marquès holds throughout the year to commemorate its centenary. On this occasion, fifteen specialists who currently head the reproductive medicine units of some of the most important centres in Spain have been brought together. The goal: to share, behind closed doors, their points of view on the challenges facing Assisted Reproduction today and in the future. The participants were chosen by their peers to take part in this two-day meeting in Barcelona.

Technology, the use of genetic analysis as preventive medicine and the adaptation of medical treatments to an ever-changing social reality are the central topics discussed by the experts at this meeting.

Infertility is a disease

Dr. Marisa López-Teijón, Director of Institut Marquès, has coordinated this conference, in order to draw attention to the social and technological changes we are experiencing: “We are concerned about the image of frivolity and commercialisation of medicine that is being given in our sector. Also, the return to the past in terms of myths: Alternative therapies can be a complement during medical treatment, but they are not the solution. Infertility is a disease. It requires diagnosis and specialised medical treatment,” she said.

After the event, attendees participated in an informative video giving their opinion on the hottest topics in reproductive medicine: egg freezing, the increase in the number of children born thanks to assisted reproduction, the growing use of genetic compatibility tests, the importance of technology in IVF laboratories and the adaptation of medicine to the new demands of society, are some examples.

Assisted Reproduction Leaders Spain 2022:

Dr. Miguel Barea
Dr. Isidoro Bruna
Dr. Koldo Carbonero
Dr. Ignacio Cristóbal
Dr. Alfonso de la Fuente
Dr. José Antonio Domínguez
Dr. Cora Hernández
Dr. Marisa López-Teijón
Dr. Luís Martínez Navarro
Dr. Enrique Pérez de la Blanca
Dr. Luís Rodríguez Tabernero
Dr. Pascual Sánchez Martín
Dr. Antonio Urries
Dr. Jesús Zabaleta