Institut Marquès holds at its Barcelona clinic the first “Meeting of Italian Opinion Leaders in Infertility”

Some of the leading specialists in Italian reproductive medicine took part in the meeting organised by Institut Marquès under the title “Meeting of Italian Opinion Leaders in Infertility”. Advances in communication with patients undergoing Assisted Reproduction treatment and their new needs have been the focus of the debate among these experts

This meeting, which was held in Barcelona last November, provided an opportunity for nine doctors to exchange views on the challenges facing their profession over two days: the socio-economic environment and the delay of motherhood, the new demands of patients, Assisted Reproduction and gamete donation, and the use of new communication technologies in medicine. The participants shared their impressions and concerns behind closed doors with the goal of sharing their vision of the future of this specialty.

This innovative event is one of the activities that Institut Marquès has organised throughout 2022 to commemorate its centenary. Last June, it held the “Meeting of Spanish Opinion Leaders in Infertility” under the coordination of Dr Marisa López Teijón, Director of R&D&I at the centre.

Infertility is a disease

Dr. Michaela Benigna, Medical Director of Institut Marquès Italia, coordinated the conference. Among the conclusions of the meeting, she points out that “In the future, patients will require, from the point of view of the relationship with the doctor, closer and more direct communication through channels such as social media, as long as we maintain privacy. On the other hand, they will also ask us for greater security and more information. At this point, genetic analyses are increasingly a requirement requested by patients themselves, especially in cases of gamete donation.”

With an informative purpose, the experts attending the meeting have participated in a video aimed at both patients and professionals to offer their opinions and impressions regarding the future of some of the aspects that will mark the future of Assisted Reproduction.


Italian Assisted Reproduction Leaders 2022:

  • Dr Michela Benigna – Medical Director Institut Marquès Italia.
  • Dr Maria Giuseppina Picconeri – Co-ordinator of the scientific society S.I.R.U in Lazio.
  • Dr Luca Fallo – Director Assisted Reproduction Centre, ASST Brescia
  • Dr Maurizio Bini – Head of the Niguarda Unit for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Sterility and Cryopreservation
  • Dr Antonino Guglielmino – President Italian Society of Human Reproduction (SIRU).
  • Dr Stefania Piccolo – Gynaecologist – SSD Physiopathology of Human Reproduction Sperm and Oocyte Bank Pordenone.
  • Rocco Rago- Director U.O.C. Physiopathology of Reproduction and Andrology of Sandro Pertini Hospital. Director of the Oocyte Biobank ASL Roma 2. Sandro Presidency of the Pertini Hospital within the ‘Lazio Region Oncofertility Network’.
  • Dr Omar Gallo – Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Sassari, Sassari ASL.
  • Dr Adriana Valcamonico. Medical Specialist Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Academic researcher University of Brescia.