Families take part in the 2nd Institut Marquès Children’s Christmas Party at its Assisted Reproduction clinic in Barcelona.

After the success of the first edition of the Institut Marquès Children’s Christmas Party, this year one of the three Wise Men visited the clinic in Barcelona once again. Nearly 200 people attended this event in which the little ones were able to hand in their letter and have their photo taken with King Balthazar.

This initiative was born to celebrate the centenary of Institut Marquès and has become a tradition that brings together patients, friends, and members of the staff. It is an endearing event in which many families built thanks to Assisted Reproduction participate. This is an example of the normalisation that this subject is achieving in recent times, as Dr Marisa López-Teijón explains: “This was unthinkable a few years ago. That patients come with their children to celebrate Christmas with us is something that breaks taboos and makes us very happy. I think it is very positive and I encourage all centres to propose initiatives like this one.

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End of the centenary celebrations of Institut Marquès

In 2022 Institut Marquès turned 100 years old. The founder of the first clinic, Dr Vicens Marquès i Bertrán, began practising as a gynaecologist in 1922. Today, it is his great-grandson, Dr. Borja Marquès López-Teijón, who runs Institut Marquès.

To celebrate his birthday, various events and leisure, scientific and educational initiatives have been programmed throughout the year. Among them, the Rumbero Concert offered last May during the Spring Festivities of the City Council of Les Corts stands out. Also, the Opinion Leaders’ Meetings on Sterility, which brought together the leading experts from Spain and Italy to discuss their specialty. The Children’s Christmas Party was the finishing touch to these celebrations.