A gift from heaven that has filled us with joy

Dear Daniel,

Our beautiful baby is born and it is an immense joy for us. During all these months of pregnancy, Marcella has had no complications. The labor was induced naturally, the girl was born full term and is very healthy.

With this email I want to inform you of how things have gone, but above all I want to thank you for what you have done for us. My thoughts are with you (always punctual and exhaustive), and also with Sasha and Ilaria.

A very special thanks to Dr. Andrade, who literally took us by the hand at a time when things were not going well and we were going through a moment of great despair. Despite my continual questions and requests, perhaps too many, the doctor had the patience to listen to us and the trust she instilled in our souls prompted us to move forward without giving up; a doctor must always provide the ability of listening and empathy, but in Italy we have not always found very understanding professionals.

If we had not met her, we would have abandoned our dream, to avoid further frustrations and humiliations. Thanks to her empathy and professional competence, we were able to embark on the path that has led us to this splendid result.

Our girl is a gift from heaven that has filled us with joy; Marcella and I will dedicate ourselves body and soul to giving her a happy existence. At the moment, we do not know if we will return in the future, we will let you know. But, in any case, whatever it may be, we will always carry you in our hearts and our affection and esteem for doctor Andrade will be indelible, because she has given us our life back.

Marcella and Antonio
(Pisa, August 2020)