A letter for you, my “Princess”

This is a letter for you, my “Princess” …

Maybe too late or maybe too soon. Now that a year has gone by and I see you, everything seems so easy… Our dream is fulfilled: the three of us together, at last! But your arrival was very hard and very long; many tears, many visits to doctors who kept saying that nothing was going on… Disappointments, hormones, money, etc, etc… It seemed I could never be your mother and you did not want to come with us… My world fell apart every time I had a negative result, but thanks to God, to the great doctors, and biologists, etc., and also thanks to the “auntie” who referred us to the clinic because she works there, you are with us!

I can only hold in my mind the best moment of my life: reading the Predictor which announced us your arrival together with your daddy; and the moment I first saw you I knew you would be the reason for my existence, and I do not know if it is mother’s love, struggle’s love and all the effort we put into getting you, but I know you’re the reason for my existence and it was all worth.

I encourage everyone to fight for their dream and not to lose the wonderful hope of becoming a mother. To think always positive and to know that you will manage is what helps the most, and above all be united even if the strength fails you many times.

Thank you all!

(Barcelona, July 2014)