Congratulations, my princess!

Well, today 26th March 2014, we can say that we are happy! We are a young couple, and we looked so young that many of the doctors we visited told us to wait and not to hurry. But no one could understand that we had long wanted to be parents and that our dream wasn’t coming true. After talking with a relative, we decided to go to the clinic that would change our lives forever. After many tests and tremendous support, we decided to do an artificial insemination. The first and second attempts were negative. We were discouraged but the whole team supported us to make a final try and, if it didn’t work, we would think about performing an IVF. This was in the summer of 2012. In July, we found out that we were going to be parents. We couldn’t believe it! In March 2013, on the 26th, our little princess was born, the little person that has forever changed our lives. This happened a year ago and today I can say: “Congratulations, my princess”. This is the beginning of a life together. It’s wonderful to be parents. How is it possible to love such a little thing?!That’s why I thank the whole team because thanks to you, we are now parents to a one year old baby girl! Hugs and kisses.

(Terrassa, April 2014)