Words truly cannot express fully our gratitude to you

Dear Hans,
I have been contemplating writing this letter for months but didn’t want to tempt fate with what has been a successful pregnancy so far. However, now that our baby is expected for, I thought it timely to update you and communicate our gratefulness.
While trying to avoid clichés, in this instance words truly cannot express fully our gratitude to you, but we have to try and acknowledge in some way the pivotal role you have played in our daughter’s imminent birth and our happiness.
Whilst we almost took for granted your professionalism and immense capability, experience and knowledge, and that of the wonderful clinic in general, what we didn’t expect was the engagement and support that you provided.
Your transparency, honesty and the level of trust that you inspired was fundamental to us deciding to proceed for what was essentially the “last roll of the dice” – thankfully we took your advice.
I also have extended our gratitude to the rest of the team and expressed how all of you made what should be a very difficult time so much easier than it should have been.

We sincerely plan on introducing you to the baby that you helped to bring into this world.

Kindest Regards,
Olivia and Mattew
Dublin, May 2016