Letter from a mother to her egg cell donor

I’m writing you this letter at a time when one of my foremost dreams is about to come true. In a few weeks my son will be born. I’ve been seeking this pregnancy for so long I can’t even believe it’s really happening…
It has been possible because of you.

Thank you for deciding to give me your eggs. Thanks for informing yourself, going to the clinic, and following the doctors’ instructions.

Thank you for understanding you were helping women like myself, who have lost our ovarian capacity but, regardless, maintain our desire to form a family.

Thank you for believing in what you did and for giving away a part of yourself as a way of compromising with society and with those of us who aren’t able to have children by our own means.

Thank you for the happiness this pregnancy has brought to us and for the smiles and hugs I will someday share with my child.

I hope all your dreams come true and that someday you will find in others the help I’ve found in you.

Signed: A joyful woman.

(Rome, 2010 february)