To my two Fairy Godmothers

My name is Lucas, I was born on January 9th, 2012 at 00:48h, and from that very moment I wrote down on my “To Do List”: send you a few lines. I beg you forgive me for not having done so before, but I have been extremely busy teaching and educating my parents who are first-timers at having a baby. For sure you’ll understand how hard the life of a baby to novice parents can be, I have to teach them how to do everything: feed me, put me to sleep, bathe me… the only thing they naturally know how to do is love me; that I haven’t had to teach them as they already knew how to do it, even before they met me.

As I was saying, I was really looking forward to writing to you because I wanted to explain that, despite my short age, I already know I have my mommy and daddy who love me and take care of me, two grannies and a grandad that adore me, my uncles and auties who would do anything to fuss over me and spoil me and a whole lot of “fake” uncles and aunties who lose their breath whenever they see me. But things don’t end here, I am the luckiest baby on Earth: in addition to all these people, I have something not all other babies have: I feel special because I have two Fairy Godmothers.

The first one cheered and encouraged my parents when they were sad because they couldn’t have me as fast as they would’ve liked. She helped them accomplish their dream, which was having me in my mommy’s belly. My Fairy Godmother Marisa made my parents the happiest people on Earth the day she showed them the “beannie” in my first scan.

And what to say about my Fairy Godmother Carme!!! She continued with Fairy Godmother Marisa’s work and took care of me during the following 9 long months that weren’t all that easy… we’ve also had some sad moments… but thanks to her they ended quickly and we could move on. She always took good care of me until the very moment I was born, being the best guardian angel I could’ve asked for.

Maria, Carme… without the two of you I wouldn’t be who I am, a healthy, happy 17 day old boy with a life full of happy moments before me, a family who will give me the best love and care they possibly can… you are and always will be two special people in my life, my two Fairy Godmothers.

But I wouldn’t want to end this letter without saying I’ll never forget all those people in your team who, at some point, have also been present:

Dr. Anna Martí, Dr. Hans Arce, and Dr. Braulio Peramo, who, with so much care, answered all my parents’ doubts throughout the process until I was born.

Dr. Ferran Garcia, who took care of my daddy at all times, cheering him up so he wouldn’t lose hope. Dr. Florencia Steinvarcel, who introduced me into my mommy’s belly.

Dr. Alex García-Faura, who attended my parents when Dr. Carme thought it was necessary and was as wonderful as the other people mentioned above.

Also, Eli and the rest of the assistants at Institut Marquès who always had a smile to offer and some kind words.

For this and much more, I want to thank you. Thanks for realizing my parents’ dreams and for letting me be the luckiest baby in the world.

To my two Fairy Godmothers,


(Barcelona, February 2012)