Yesterday I received a very nice gift from you

Hello Daniel,

how are you?

Yesterday I received a very nice gift from you.
When I read the words on the letter, I was very moved. You caught me by surprise, I did not expect it at all!
It will be Clementina’s first pair of shoes. I showed them to her and she gave me a huge smile, even she looked surprised!

I take this opportunity to tell you that she is growing very well; she looks like a 5/6 month old baby! At the beginning I dressed her with clothes for children of 3/6 months, but I had to change to a 5/6 months size, because they were too tight. She is a very good girl, full of joy! And she loves to eat: we are all in love with her!

Sometimes, looking at her, she leaves me in tears, because I think she is the most beautiful gift one could ever receive.

So, many thanks again!

A big hug and see you soon.
Stuttgart, August 2016