Reproductive committee for oncological patients

Institut Marquès has an Oncology and Reproductive Unit with the goal of providing advice to those patients who have had cancer (oncological patients) and want to have a baby.

In recent years, the request to preserve fertility in cancer patients is increasing, as a result of the incidence of cancer in reproductive age women, even as a consequence of a maternity delay. However, survival rates for this disease are growing, with an 85% rate for patients under 50 years of age.

How does the process work?

When the patient visits our center because she wants to get pregnant after having had cancer, we collect all the data from her medical, gynecology, reproductive and oncology history, as well as all documentation related to the diagnosis and oncological treatment.

The Unit studies cases of patients from all over the world and provides them with advice through Skype or email, without the need of travelling.

A multidisciplinary team evaluates each case and releases a decision about the type of reproductive treatment to be followed, in agreement with the Assisted Reproduction Centre. This multidisciplinary assessment helps patients realise the dream of maternity without increasing the recurrent risk of the disease.

And what if the committee does not approve the request of undergoing a reproductive treatment?

In this case, the patient receives all the explanations regarding the medical reasons why a pregnancy is not recommended. The doctor will explain in detail which diagnostic tests or oncological treatments are to be followed before re-evaluating the case.

Pregnancy rates

In a study conducted at our center with over 100 cancer patients who asked for advice on reproduction treatment, the pregnancy rate was of 82% for each treated patient.

Of all the patients who asked for advice, it was approved to begin reproductive treatment in 91% of the cases. The rest were basically discouraged because they had not yet completed their oncological treatment.

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