The Barcelona headquarters let the corks pop


Celebrities and important representatives of the media world joined our party

On the 1st. of March we had the honor to inaugurate our new headquarters in Barcelona by throwing a big cocktail party with more than a hundred guests. Albert Castillón and Antonio Orozco, close friends to the clinic director, were also part of the event. The journalist was leading through the evening, while the singer sung three of his most famous songs.

Dr. Marisa López-Teijón and Dr. Leonardo Marquès welcomed their guests personally, among them many celebrities from the High Society in Barcelona.

True to the philosophy of the clinic, party, music and nature where the main pillars of the evening. In fact, Institut Marquès is known for its research in the music and environmental domains and put a lot of effort in demonstrating the harmful effects of pollution on male fertility. Therefore, it was a perfect occasion to also introduce the Forest of Embryos,a new project whose goal is to offer children a better world. It is no surprise that green is one of the main color of the clinic’s new interior design. The different departments of the clinic all have a name corresponding to a particular landscape: sky, river, valley and forest of embryos.

The story of Institut Marquès is directly linked with the development of Barcelona as a cosmopolite and entrepreneurial city. Founded 100 years ago, the clinic opened its doors to the world by launching its gynecological department specialised in IVF, offering people worldwide the possibility to achieve their goal of having a family. With centers in Ireland, Italy and United Kingdom, the main headquarters have always been in Barcelona. The new design of the clinic was created in order to make patients feel like home – true to our philosophy: excellence, innovation, quality, security and transparency.