Our little 9 months miracle

Dear Dr. López-Teijón,

Tomorrow I’m going to introduce you to Nerea, our 9-month miracle! I wanted to bring you a present, but everything seems so small, that instead I decided to write you on your blog.

We would like to thank you and your entire team for your professionalism and human quality. Especially your secretary, Anabel, whom I thank for holding my hand and for her constant support. Dr. Andrade, I would like to tell you that, at the time of the transfer, there is a cluster of feelings flying around and next to you, they all become positive; thank you for your perennial smile! Dr. Capdevila, biologists, the most unknown… However, without their work, our dreams would not come true. Thank you for taking such good care of our little ones

.Dr. López-Teijón, thank you very much for everything: for your efforts to continue researching, innovating, empathizing with the needs of your patients and, above all, for your healing hugs. I would also like to ask you for forgiveness. In this technological age, we believe we know everything and at times we questioned your decisions… Thank you for understanding our impatience and, I guess sometimes pride.

I use the occasion to send all my strength to those couples who spend their lives “googling” words like: AI, IVF, Embryo Adoption, two-week wait with positive result, implantation bleeding… Doctors take care of our body, but you need to take care of your head… It’s a long way, but one has to manage that the energy released at difficult times becomes the strength to move forward.

Aprovecho para mandar toda mi fuerza a esas parejas que viven “googleando” palabras como: IA, FIV, Adopción de embriones, betaespera positiva,

I have often heard: “Doctors think they are Gods!” And I say: I hope Gods would look like Doctors!


Nerea, Roberto, Marcos and Adriana

Sevilla, October 2017