Our “Little Chickpea”

Dear Dr. Hans,

When you attended us for the first time in June 2015, I was low-spirited due to a negative experience in another hospital. The conversation was not what we had expected and I imagined the “Project baby” so difficult… Now I understand your explanations and, indeed, both Juan and I appreciate your honesty, even though in that moment the reality was harsh.

Professionals like you dedicating yourselves to reproduction fulfill the work, but you have to be also comprehensive and transmit the reality to the patients. During these months, we saw you as a great professional and an outstanding person. In your working environment, you create a good atmosphere and patients of such a delicate topic like this perceive and appreciate it.

We are thankful for how much you have helped, listened to us and always attended with a smile or a friendly comment.

Furthermore, in my case as an active patient I will always remember how you encouraged me and tried to not to let me blame myself for the negative beta result. You also said words that motivated and were so important; I thought I had only one “little one” left and I felt hopeless… You said why this one could not be the one and you transmitted confidence. And you were right, that was him, had to be him, it is my baby, the one I will get to know and the one who will have a mother, a father and a sister, all waiting for him with all the fondness and love.

Thank you so much Dr Hans for your professionalism, friendliness and proximity. Continue helping your patients, stay as you are… Finally, I am wishing you happiness in your professional and personal life.

A family who loves you.

Juan, María, Elisenda and the “Little Chickpea”.
(Cornellà, April, 2016)