Thank you for having made this unique moment possible

To all the people that have accompanied me throughout this magical project:
Intuition told me to choose Institut Marquès by looking at its website: the centre breathes serenity, beauty, humanity… It really woke up my desire to embark on this crazy project to become a mother. At this point, I do not regret my choice and even less after meeting their fantastic team : Dr Suñol (an extraordinary man with a wonderful smile), Anissa (attentive, simple, sweet…), the two Lydias, Isabelle (who assisted me fantastically during the transfer, she seems custom made for it!), Veronique (the doctor I met furtively, with a look in her eyes that shared my hope) and all the other people whose names I do not know(the biologist, the nurse and the assistants who stood by my side during the transfer). From the first contact by videoconference with Dr. Suñol, on the 26th of March 2019, until today, I have only found professionalism, humanity and a quality accompaniment from all the members of Institut Marquès in Barcelona. Seduced by this beautiful country, Spain, I could not expect anything better from a project of this kind. A big bravo for the “Spanish” technological advances, both in medical matters and in patient care, so warm and simple, that, throughout my treatment, I had the feeling we had known each other for a long time.
Thanks a lot for everything you’ve done for me. I hope that all the people who have to resort to assisted reproduction to build a family will put their trust in you to make their dream come true. My embryo transfer took place on the 10th of May 10, 2019 and today, 27th of May, I got the good news that I was pregnant. I have no words to describe this unique moment of which you are the authors.
Thank you very much for this human generosity that fills men and women with joy and does not give up in the pursuit of happiness for geographical reasons.
(París, may 2019)