COVID-19: Safety Measures

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Institut Marquès applies in all its facilities the safety protocols established by the Health Authorities making it easier for our patients to comply with the rules to protect themselves from Coronavirus.

We have separate spaces in our waiting areas to avoid contact and respect safety distance. Our so-called “nests” were designed to keep the privacy of our patients and currently, they additionally help to provide them with necessary isolation to avoid contagions.

We check the temperature and symptomatology of all our patients, accompanying persons and of our team in order to avoid any risk. We have at your disposal masks and hand sanitiser and we keep all rooms of the clinic disinfected.

Coronavirus, IVF and pregnancy

Given the SARS-CoV-2 virus infection spread, Institut Marquès strictly follows the instructions of the Spanish Ministry of Health and the recommendations of national and European scientific societies (SEF and ESHRE)

Now more than ever, at Institut Marquès we continue to stand by our patients to support them, inform them and help them maintain their enthusiasm during the lockdown. Our medical team remains at their entire disposal offering them consultations by videoconference or by phone, solving doubts and also guiding those people who are thinking of starting a treatment to start a family. Once again, technology has become our ally.

In addition, in our laboratories, the biologists continue to care for the embryos living in what we call the “cold nursery”, where they are protected under the highest security measures. As explained by European scientific societies, coronavirus does not affect embryos, nor can it be transmitted during pregnancy.

Our doctors, biologists and the patient care team have wanted to personally convey these messages through this video.

In the face of the spread of the infection by the virus SARS-CO V-2, at Institut Marquès we are implementing the recommendations made by the Spanish Ministry of Health and by the national and European scientific societies of our area (SEF and ESHRE) and we are closely monitoring the continuous updates on the evolution of the disease. Furthermore, we keep the service for our patients by phone, via videoconference or in person, just for emergencies.

Is being pregnant a risk factor for contracting coronavirus?

According to a recent communication made public by the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF), pregnant women have not been scientifically proven to be more likely to become infected.

If I am pregnant, do I have a worse prognosis if I have contracted coronavirus?

SEF has ruled out that pregnant women suffer a different effect from the virus than other people that could lead to discourage from becoming pregnant. They add there has not been an aggravation of the disease in infected pregnant patients to date, and there has not been and increased number of miscarriages since this crisis began.